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8th Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicle Expo



automotive industry is changing rapidly, much more quickly than at any point in the last few decades. There’s a major shift toward green technologies and increased fuel economy, driven by regulations and consumer demand. In the quest to find solutions for reducing carbon pollution and fossil fuel dependency, electric vehicles will be a viable solution.

How are Electric Vehicles eco-friendly? Electric vehicles cause zero emissions, low maintenance and are extremely eco-friendly. India has been in the process of planning an ambitious objective of having 100 percent zero-emission electric vehicle fleet by 2030.

Electric Vehicles can be broadly divided into 3 major subgroups

1) ELECTRIC VEHICLES FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION– Metro trains, buses, and Railways.
2) ELECTRIC PERSONAL MOBILITY VEHICLES– Scooters, motorcycles, wheelchairs, skateboards, Segways, and cycles.
3) LAST MILE CONNECTIVITY & ELECTRICAL UTILITY VEHICLES– Variations of E-rickshaws, autos, truck trikes, pickup trucks, and cars. With the rise in E-commerce, there will be a huge demand for small cargo vehicles in the future.

Ev Expo 2018 is the 8th Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicle Expo in India and was held at Pragati Maidan Delhi from 21st to 23 rd Dec 2018.

Displayed there were   Personal Mobility Vehicles and Small last mile connectivity / electrical utility vehicles. It is an eye-opener to see emerging technologies.

E Scooter variant

Very soon you will be able to buy a cross between an E-scooter & E-bike starting from Rs=25000/-. It can be used for personal and E-commerce needs. On display were also a variation of E-rickshaws for passengers and small utility vehicles.

One of the biggest hurdles on the way for Electrical vehicles is the battery cost and charging infrastructure presently all over the world. One innovation or Jugaad, was a charging unit, with a small engine which can charge an E-rickshaw and a car on the move.

E-Rikshay variants

The most useful and practical innovation in the field of personal mobility vehicle is awaited. The day is not far when you leave your home on a small foldable bike, board a Metro train with the bike in your backpack and de-board, open your bike, reach your office and put the power pack on charging. Presently the concept has issues with cycle weight and safety on public roads.

Check out the future of electric mobility. https://youtu.be/JP6h0i2dfgk.

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“I think there are more politicians in favor of electric cars than against. There are still some that are against, and I think the reasoning for that varies depending on the person, but in some cases, they just don’t believe in climate change – they think oil will last forever”

Elon Musk


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