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Eco-Friendly Handicrafts From India



India Handicraft Week is celebrated from 8th TO 15th Dec every year with great enthusiasm all over India. The aim is to increase awareness, provide guidance, award and promote the skills and the products produced by craftsmen. Indian Handicrafts are sought after throughout the world, due to our cultural diversity and heritage.

Handicrafts are produced by craftsmen, with bare minimum tools and generally using locally available raw material and most of them are Eco-Friendly. The biggest advantage being made without any plastic content in it. They also provide means of livelihood to people in rural and backward areas. Indian handicraft items range from wooden, stone, metal, glass, bamboo, cane, clay, terracotta ceramics, carpets and textiles.


In spite of a large number of people involved and a great push from the various governmental organization, our standing in the world market is very small. We all as individuals must help in promoting products made by local craftsmen and visit state emporiums for decorating our houses and gifts for all occasions. Make in India mission can get a big boost through Handicraft sector.


There are lots of cites near Delhi which are famous for handicrafts like Jaipur, Moradabad, and Saharanpur. Handicrafts are also displayed and sold at Surajkund Mela at Faridabad a yearly very famous event and at a permanent location at Delhi Haat’s at INA, Janakpuri, and Pritampura. Here you can also see skilled craftsmen making Handicrafts in front of you. In and around Delhi there are quite a few art/handicraft galleries also.

For more info log into- http://www.handicrafts.nic.in/


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