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Ecotourism- The New Approach Towards Holidays


Winters in India is the best time to plan holidays, excursions and trips till March 2019. Travel is one of the most enjoyable and stimulating means of entertainment. But unfortunately, our travel, transportation, and stay are more inclined towards using energy-guzzling hotels, social-status show off and locations.

Even our tourist destinations have started crumbling, due to environmental damage caused by too many tourist and very low civic sense in domestic tourism. Beautiful places like Ladakh, known as “Roof of the World” is now littered with plastic and garbage, Shimla is running out of the water, Taj Mahal is turning yellow, Goa is overcrowded and internationally, Thailand had to close a beach due to overcrowding and environmental damage.

     Eco-tourism is entirely a new approach and is fast gaining acceptance all the world over and India is no different. It is one such initiative in travel that is soothing, stimulating, sustainable and without harming the nature at the same time. It is also creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people.


As a responsible traveler, we should plan our trips which are eco-friendly. India offers immense scope for ecotourism, starting from north to south to northeast, west and central India., Tourism in India is growing at a fast pace, accounting for more than 9% of GDP and 8% of employment. Presently foreign Tourist arrival in India is less than 1%, of the total International tourism, which the government plans to arrive at a figure of 1% by 2020. Domestic tourism is growing at a pace, thanks to the surge in Aviation and infrastructure sector.


     Luckily around Delhi, there are so many tourist destinations that you can’t imagine. Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Nainital, Corbett National Park, Dehradun, Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Kasauli, Sariska bird sanctuary, Lansdowne, Rajaji National park, and many more. Starting from 100 km from Delhi to 400 km’s or half a day of driving, you will find Eco-friendly Hotels, camps, resorts, lodges and cottages offering a stay at Rs=1000/- per night onwards. Facilities available are Local food, tentage, trekking, rafting, rappelling, bungee jumping, cycling, wall climbing, parasailing, rock climbing, all-terrain vehicles and much more.

Another advantage of Ecotourism is that it can be done solo, small and large groups and also with your pets and at any age group.

The rise of this sector is also paving a way for  Agri Eco-Tourism.


Wellness tourism is also a rising sector throughout the world. With doctors and wellness, practitioners recommending preventive health care, a week out at a Naturopathy resort will be a good idea. Kerala was the epicenter of naturopathy traditionally, but it is now spreading everywhere.

Para Sailing

Adventure tourism is another verticle of tourism which is growing rapidly. India offers diverse topography,  coupled with the cash-rich adventurous millennium population,  unique and thrilling activities are on the rise. The young and the middle age population are seeking a different type of vacation, which involves some kind of exploration, remote exotic areas, self-endurance test, and adventure. Some of the activities which are possible in India presently is Rafting or Kayaking, Heli-Skiing, Rappelling, Skydiving, Scuba diving, Hot Air Ballooning,  Snorkelling, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Surfing, rock climbing, Kayaking, Microlight Flying, and many more.

Travelling Eco or green will take extra effort on the first trip but will become natural, on subsequent trips. Few steps in the planning stage will make your trip memorial and eco-friendly.

Choose your Hotel /  Resort / Travel destination wisely. Explore the chosen destination on the internet. Read reviews, talk to people, check weather and climatic condition. Try using public transport or car with an optimum number of co-passengers. During your stay try not to use plastic, try using local food and don’t dump any garbage.

Let’s start the Adventure

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