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Indian Railways has Created History



major portion of the pollution and greenhouse gases problem is generated by surface transport vehicles. Though hardly spoken about, it also includes railway diesel locomotives. One of the solutions is to change over to electric vehicles, and they can be broadly divided into two categories:-

(1) Electric vehicles for Public transport & commerce.
(2) Electric Personal mobility vehicles.

Electric vehicles cause zero emissions and are extremely eco-friendly. But it is important to first convert Public or Mass communication transport systems to get the maximum benefit, as they produce maximum pollution. Generally, they also require maximum governmental support and finance.

“indian railways operates the forth largest railway network in the world”

Luckily the Railways have taken a lead. In keeping with the Indian Railways Mission 100 percent electrification and de-carbonization agenda, Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi has developed a new prototype electric locomotive converted from diesel locomotive. The adoption of new electric means of transport can help control the alarming state of global warming and its devastating consequences.


Indian Railways has created history by first-ever conversion of a locomotive from diesel to electric traction with 50% increase in efficiency and 50% saving in cost of mid-life rehabilitation and a substantial saving in the running and maintenance cost thereafter.

After its mandatory trials, the locomotive was launched from Varanasi to Ludhiana.



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