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Is Wearing Anti-Pollution Masks A Good Choice?


is Wearing Anti-Pollution Masks A Good Choice?

With an increasing level of air pollution, do you often wonder if wearing an anti-pollution mask is the only solution? Well, more than a solution it is a choice that you make and definitely not the best one. Every year, around this time, residents of our capital city wake up to a blanket of thick, grey smog. Pollution levels have many times reached the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit. Last year, doctors had even declared a state of medical emergency and hospitals were clogged with wheezing men, women, and children. Although the reasons include construction dust, as well as factory and vehicular emissions, the truth is that it’s mainly crop residue that has emerged as one of the main triggers for the smog. Most Delhi residents have finally given up and resorted to different kinds of masks during this time to tide over the winter pollution.

But do these masks really work?

Well, wearing a mask does not prevent you from getting pollution-related diseases because you are breathing that air everywhere and all the time, even while sleeping. Therefore just using a mask is not enough, but it will definitely reduce the damage to your body. The focus should be on figuring out how good your mask is. Cloth masks are only marginally effective and remove only between 15% and 57% of the particle emitted from diesel combustion. Meanwhile, masks with filters such as the N95 and N99 are said to be efficient only if worn properly.


How to choose a pollution mask? It is still very important to choose the pollution masks carefully. Factors to keep in mind while doing so are-

1) Opt for Tight Masks– To really protect a person’s respiratory system the masks need to have a tight fit.

2) Invest in a Fine Filter– The mask needs to have a filter that’s fine enough to remove the tiny particulate that easily enters the body.

3) Look for a mask- in which filter is removable and replaceable. The advantage being you remove and wash the filter for reuse.

“Pollution is pollution, it is harmful in anyway, pledge to remove it.”

While those using the mask during strenuous activities like walking or bicycle commuting might face difficulty in breathing. This still seems to be a better alternative to take the polluted air in without a mask. Therefore, according to most health and environmental experts, the only way to stay safe from the ill effects of air pollution is to prevent pollution itself and wear the mask.

The costing of a pollution mask starts from Rs=50/- to 6000/-.

Go and buy a pollution mask today, but which one read on




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