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Pushkar Camel Fair


Pushkar is known for the holy temple of God Bhrama who is the creator of the world.

Pushkar Fair is a yearly event held during the holy Kartik Purnima festival in winters at Pushkar, near Ajmer in Rajasthan. The fair is held every year in November.

The Fair is known for Camel, Cows, Horses, Sheep, and Goats display, competitions, trading. The veterinary department arranges training and classes on how to take care of animals medically. The animals are colorfully decked up and number much more than 30000. The whole atmosphere bears a festive look, with locals in colorful dresses. You will also find musicians, dancers, local acrobats, magicians, photographers, snake charmers and lots of things to eat and enjoy. The area is full of Hotels, resorts in the surrounding areas, but still are not able to handle the tourist especially foreigners. The local management makes a new micro village with Swiss tents every year to cater for the influx of tourists.


The whole event is also Eco-friendly, as most of the products available are locally handmade. You will find camel skin Juttis/Mojris/slippers, folding chairs, stools, and local colorful dresses. This is also the place to buy local farm equipment and decorative articles for their camel carts.

“As soon as you reach Pushkar, you are mesmerized   with colors.  You see women in bright COLOURED  saris, camels pulling carts, historic forts – history on each and every corner”



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