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Glass or Ceramic: The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Glass and Ceramic have both been an extremely prevalent material in most articles that we use. From our mugs to tea glasses, dinner plates to crockery, wall tiles to home décor, no house can do without glass and ceramic. However, the use of glass is slightly more in comparison to that of ceramic. The reason is that some of most essentials items used in our day-to-day lives today are made of glass such as our mobile phones and TVs

Despite being heavy, ceramic tiles and ceramic dinnerware since years have been the number one preference that gives an upscale feel to a sophisticated home. Ceramic and Glass are both made of natural substances and therefore preferred over other materials. Whether they are eco-friendly or not, depends entirely upon the recyclability of these materials.


Is Glass recyclable?

Glass and glassware are both easily recyclable and extremely hygienic as they do not degrade after their recycling process. The density of glass is high and therefore it can be recycled and reused repeatedly.

“Recycle your waste, save energy, conserve resources and preserve the nature of the world”


Can Ceramic be recycled?

It is extremely difficult to find recyclers who accept ceramics for recycling.

Hence, the bottom line is that recycled glass is an excellent choice for a product as it is not subjected to high impact, and holds great value.

7 Glass Things to Use in your Daily Life

With increasing awareness about recycling, reusing, and repurposing, there has been a great shift in the preference of glassware over plastic and ceramic. Some of the most common glassware items that every household includes are:

  • Glass Bottles, mugs or thermos are one of the most common glass item found in any house that keeps the liquid chemical free
  • Lunch boxes made of glass as they do not leave unwanted or poisonous chemicals on the food and are also a microwave proof buy
  • Glass Spoons and straws that are reusable and avoid the usage of plastic
  • Glass Plates and another crockery that is non-reactive and last longer
  • Washroom basins made of glass that are more user-friendly
  • Glass décor that is eco-friendly and yet beautifully crafted to perfection as per your taste
  • Wall tiles made of glass that are durable and moisture-resistant

The cost of recycling glass and making new products is much lesser than manufacturing new products. It also saves landfills and generates employment for others. A shift to glass is the way forward to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment. By making this shift we can also ensure healthy living for us and our families.


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